Land Condemnation & Eminent Domain

Biggs Law Firm represents North Carolina property owners in all aspects of land condemnation. Eminent domain is a powerful tool that the government, utility companies, airports, school districts, and certain other private entities use to take your property for public use. Our mission is to help you get a fair price for your property. If your business, home, farm, rental property, church, or other type of property interest is affected, our experienced eminent domain attorneys can guide you through the entire process and keep you from being taken advantage of.

Advocating For You

As soon as you receive notice or are contacted by a Right of Way agent, it is crucial to consult with one of our attorneys to learn your rights and deadlines for taking action.

Failure to timely respond in the correct way means that you may forfeit your right to demand a higher value for your property if you disagree with the government’s valuation.


Take Action

To keep the government from undervaluing your property, it is important to seek representation. In a consultation with one of our condemnation attorneys, we explain the whole process and lay out what the government can and cannot do when taking your property. We make sure to manage realistic expectations of the process and timeline to fully prepare you.



We act as a liaison on your behalf with the right of way agent or representative to provide necessary information, review appraisals and address any information that does not fairly value your property. We help to negotiate the maximum fair price for the property, including hiring private appraisers and other professionals who can provide values to counter the initial offer.


Follow Through

We handle the whole process so that you experience minimal disruption to your life. Once an agreement is reached with the government, we do our due diligence to handle all of the paperwork to ensure its accuracy.

Let Us Fight For You

Don’t take on the government alone.

Schedule your consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Our Professional Services Include:

Our condemnation attorneys handle all types of property involved in eminent domain cases. The North Carolina State Constitution requires that all property owners receive “just compensation” when their property is taken — we’re here to maximize that fair value. An experienced condemnation attorney can help you review the government’s appraisal and obtain a valuation for your property that complies with the law and fairly values your property.

Areas Of Condemnation Practice

Right of Way Agent Communication

Free Consultation & Appraisal Review

Private Appraiser and Professional Referrals

Compensation Negotiation

The government may take private land for a public purpose including building new roads, widening existing roads, building or expanding schools, hospitals, and sanitation projects.

The deadlines for legal action can be as short as 120 days when dealing with a local entity, a private condemner, or the North Carolina Department of Administration.

Certain private businesses such as cell phone companies, utility companies, pipeline companies, and railroad companies also have the power to take private property for public use.

A recent study commissioned by the North Carolina Legislature found that property owners who did not accept the state’s offer on average received 85% more for their property than the state’s original offer.