Tax Law

Tax Law

Our team has been providing legal counsel to businesses and individuals in navigating the intricate federal and state tax laws for more than three decades. We understand the complexities of federal and state tax laws, and we’re here to help you navigate them with ease. Whether you need help with tax planning strategies, negotiating installment agreements for past due taxes, or litigation with the IRS or State of North Carolina over tax disputes, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you.

Personal Guidance

We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate these laws to ensure compliance, minimize tax liability, and resolve disputes with taxing authorities. Whether it’s through payment plans, settlement negotiations, or other tax relief programs; the team of tax professionals at Biggs Law can guide you towards a long-term resolution.



To manage expectations and avoid confusion, we start by explaining how the IRS process works so that our client is as educated and prepared as possible. We help businesses and individuals alike to understand the rules and regulations surrounding their tax obligations and avoid potential penalties or legal issues.


Addressing The Past

In order to address past due taxes, we help our clients choose the best course of action, whether it’s negotiating a payment plan, submitting an offer in compromise, or contesting the amount owed through the IRS appeals process. We also assist in responding to collection actions by the IRS and state tax authorities, such as levies, liens, and garnishments, to protect their assets and financial interests.


Moving Forward

We assist clients in establishing payment plans after explaining the different types of installment agreements, offers in compromise, and partial payments available to taxpayers. We work with clients to find a payment plan that best suits their unique situation, helping them to move towards a more secure financial future.

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Our Professional Services Include:

We are known for offering expert guidance with accessible service. From consultation to remediation, each case is personally handled by a seasoned attorney experienced in tax resolutions.

Areas Of Tax Law Practice

IRS Tax Litigation

State Tax Litigation

Partnership Tax Planning

Appeals of Tax Assessment

IRS Collections

Corporate Tax

Past due withholding or “trust” fund taxes

Business Formation

Negotiating Installment agreements

We prepare and help clients to deal with IRS levies, tax liens, garnishments, or other collection activities.

We helps clients reconcile their outstanding taxes with the IRS to position them in a proactive seat to plan for their future.

Our Business Formation and Tax Planning Services extend to partnerships, limited liability, companies, C corporations, and S corporations.

We help our clients plan for the tax consequences that may arise from selling business or personal assets.