Practice Areas

Restoring Livelihoods

The heart of our service is to empower clients to move forward, bringing order back to their lives. Our talented attorneys are dedicated to guiding clients through the complex legal terrain with care and confidence. The firm focuses on Business and Consumer Bankruptcy,

Family & Domestic Law, Civil Litigation, Condemnation, Business Law, Tax Law, and Estate Planning. From businesses, to farmers and families alike, Biggs Law is distinguished for their custom, hands-on approach to each case.

Business Bankruptcy

Since the future success of your business depends greatly on the quality of your Chapter 11 plan, you should seek reliable advice from an experienced business bankruptcy attorney.

Consumer Bankruptcy

For individuals facing a cloud of unmanageable debt, the team at Biggs Law Firm is prepared to walk with you to a path of freedom.

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

We take pride in our rich legacy of serving clients in the Agricultural Law sector. Our knowledge and extensive experience in this area has allowed us to excel in Chapter 12 bankruptcy cases.

Civil Litigation

Whether your litigation needs involve a personal injury action or a complex contract dispute, our attorneys provide effective, persuasive, and results-oriented representation for lawsuits of any nature.


If your private property is being seized by the government for public use, it is important to have a qualified attorney advocate for you.

Business Law

From business formation to contract negotiation and succession planning, the attorneys at Biggs Law Firm have represented businesses of all sizes and industries in their ongoing legal matters.

Tax Law

The team at Biggs Law Firm has over 30 years of experience helping businesses and individuals navigate the complicated federal and state tax laws.

Family & Domestic Law

When you are ready to talk, we are here to listen! Knowing how personal and unique each situation is, we uphold trust as we represent individuals and families on a personal basis.

Estate Planning

We offer counsel to those in need of financial and estate planning services, including end-of-life planning, health care powers of attorney, and general powers of attorney.