What Is a Typical Timeline for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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A recent statistic published by the United States Courts shows that of the more than 413,000 bankruptcy filings nationwide that year, more than 120,000 were Chapter 13 ones. This is less than half the amount (which was more than 288,000) filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy that year. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is, thus, the second-most popular…

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Can You or Your Business File for Bankruptcy More Than Once?

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You or your North Carolina company have fallen on financial hard times. It’s not the first time that you’ve been in a similar predicament. You’ve actually filed for bankruptcy before. You’re now facing a situation where you’re considering seeking debt relief once again. However, since you’ve filed before, you’re wondering, “Can you or your business…

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Understanding the Differences Between the Different Bankruptcy Chapters

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Individuals and businesses who are facing hard financial times often consider bankruptcy when looking for debt relief. While Chapters 7, 11,  and 13 may resonate with you as different bankruptcy chapters you’ve heard of, many individuals aren’t clear as to the differences between these cases. Even fewer realize that there are far more types of…

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What Is a Chapter 12 Bankruptcy?

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Most everyone has heard of Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy. However, there are lesser-known chapters of the bankruptcy code, including Chapter 12 bankruptcy, that you might not be as familiar with that is appropriate for a unique class of debtors – family farmers and fishermen. Continue reading, and we’ll discuss more regarding what a…

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